فلاروم – انجمن ها ساده می شوند

انجمن ها ساده می شوند.

فلاروم با کلی نوآوری بسته بندی شده، و کل آن در یک قالب زیبا پیچیده شده است.
این فقط یک پوسته عالی نیست. بلکه یک انجمن ساز مهیج هست.

رابط کاربری ظریف

Flarum looks and feels great out of the box. The user interface is streamlined so you can spend less time clicking and more time talking.

Two-Pane Interface

Quickly work your way through unread discussions, without having to go back to the discussion list or open dozens of tabs. Bring your mouse to the left side of the screen and the discussion list will conveniently appear.

Infinite Scrolling

Keep on scrolling, without having to wait for the next page of posts to load. Flarum lets you scrub anywhere in a discussion quickly and easily. It remembers your position if you come back after navigating away.

Floating Composer

Read while you write. Flarum's reply form slides up from the bottom of the page, so you can scroll up to read posts – and even visit other discussions – while you draft your reply.

تاچ-بهبود یافته

Flarum is fully responsive by default, and not just as an afterthought.
The interface has been optimized for touch, with big buttons, smooth animations, and gestures aplenty.

Swipe Gestures

Swipe a discussion to the right to mark it as read. Swipe it to the left to bring up more controls. This webpage is on steroids.

Smooth Animations

Animations take advantage of hardware acceleration, so they're silky smooth and won't slow you down.

Optimized, Inside and Out

The desktop and mobile versions of Flarum use exactly the same templates. That means less work for developers, and a more consistent interface for users, no matter what size your device.

سریع و سبک

Flarum is lightning fast. The front-end is powered by a lightweight JavaScript framework called Mithril. It's slick, even on slower devices.

  • Flarum 144 KB
  • NodeBB 213 KB
  • Discourse 650 KB
  • Total JavaScript + CSS payload size after minification and gzipping

Fast to Load

Not everyone has access to a speedy Internet connection. We've made sure Flarum's assets are as small as possible, so your users won't turn away because a page is taking too long to load.

Performance You Can Trust

Flarum is built by the developers of esoTalk and FluxBB, two of the fastest and lightest forum platforms around. We have a track record of taking performance seriously.

نصب آسان

You shouldn't have to be a sysadmin to set up a forum.
Flarum takes 30 seconds to install, and anyone can do it.

Upload & Run

Flarum is a simple PHP/MySQL application which runs great on any low-end shared host or VPS. Just upload the script and visit it in your web browser. That's it.

Coming soon

Import Your Data

Once Flarum is stable, we plan to build importers so you can easily migrate your data from older forum software such as esoTalk, FluxBB, and more.

معماری توسعه پذیر

From day one, Flarum was made to be highly extensible. Make your forum work for you – not the other way around.

Powerful API

Comprehensive and well-documented APIs let you quickly and easily develop new functionality. Once stable, we'll follow SemVer, so you won't have to worry about your extensions breaking without warning.

Read the docs

Flexible Architecture

Flarum's code is divided into distinct layers: A core domain, built with Laravel components; an API that conforms to the JSON-API spec; and a web application, built with a React-like JavaScript framework. Want to swap in a traditional PHP front-end? Build a native mobile app? All the power to you.

قالب پذیر

Make Flarum your own. Customise how your forum looks and feels without breaking a sweat.

Color Scheming

Easily change the color scheme and upload a logo (coming soon). If you like darkness, there's a switch for that.

Built with Less

Want to do more? Flarum's stylesheets are written in Less, a CSS preprocessor. You can override variables to change many aspects of your forum's skin at once.

اطلاعیه ها

Never miss a post. Or a Like. Or a Mention. Flarum has first-class notifications out of the box.

Smart Notifications

Notifications are grouped by discussion and post to make them easier to process. They can be marked as read individually or all at once.

Notification Preferences

Pick and choose what you want to receive notifications for. You can opt-in to receive email alerts too.

Coming soon

Email Digests

Receive daily or weekly digest emails with the best content you've missed. Subscribe to users and tags.

برچسب ها

Organising discussions has never been simpler. In Flarum, the flexibility of tags meets the structure of categories and sub-forums.

Organization, Simplified

Most forums have a main hierachy of categories, forums, and sub-forums – with tags tacked on the top. Flarum does away with all this complexity, and just has tags. They can have colors, positions, and hierarchy.

Coming soon

Receive notifications for new discussions in a tag. Style tags with background images.

Intuitive Tagging

Flarum puts the tag list front-and-centre when you're starting a discussion, so you can focus on picking the right tags. Just choose all the relevant topics, and you're done.

پاسخ ها و اشاره ها

Mention users and reply to specific posts to make the discussion flow. Linear discussion just got an added dimension.

Post Mentions

Quickly reply to a specific post by typing the @ character. Flarum will list the most recent users and posts in the discussion.

Quick Previews

Quote a post without cluttering up your reply. The username you're replying to will be displayed in your reply, and hovering over it will show a preview of the post's content.

Linked Replies

Posts keep track of how many people have replied to them. You can see an overview of all the replies to a post without going anywhere.

حق دسترسی های قدرتمند

Take control of your forum with fine-grained permissions.
Assign permissions per-tag for extra flexibility.

Simple UI

Flarum's intuitive grid view makes setting up permissions a breeze. You can see and change everything in one place.

Fine-Grained Settings

Make certain tags only visible to select groups. Control how long users can edit their discussions and posts for.

جستجوی راحت

Search for discussions, posts, and users all in one place. More powerful search criteria coming soon.

گفتگو با زمان-واقعی

Enable Pusher integration to have new posts and discussions appear as they happen. Self-hosted push coming soon.

بهینه ساز موتور جستجو

Give your forum a strong presence on the web. Even though Flarum is a JavaScript application, it still serves up each page with search-engine optimised content in <noscript> tags.

محلی سازی

Flarum's interface is fully translatable. We're working to ensure that every language gets first-class treatment with plurals, genderization, and more.

ابزار های مدیریت

Stick discussions to the top of the list for users who haven't read them yet. Lock discussions so only moderators can post. Suspend misbehaving users.

قالب بندی قدرتمند

Markdown, BBCode, and Emoji are supported out of the box, with a live preview. The formatting system is extensible too.

بررسی کنید دریافت نسخه بتا (en)

Coming soon.

That's what we've done in the last eight months.
Here's what's in store for the next eight.

WordPress Integration
Keyboard Shortcuts
Single Sign-On
Private Discussions
Rewards & Reputation
Extension Marketplace
Easy Updates

توبی زرنر

توسعه دهنده ایزوتاک

ما چند توسعه دهنده علاقمند به انجمن ساز کد باز هستیم. تا بحال انجمن سازها تغییرات چندانی نکرده بودند، و ما به این فکر بودیم حالا زمان آن رسیده است که یک شروع تازه بکنیم. از آن پس ما در یک ماموریت قرار گرفته ایم تا انجمن سازی بسازیم که شما قطعا بخواهید از آن استفاده کنید.

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در ساخت فلاروم به ما کمک کنید.

فلاروم 100% رایگان و کد باز بوده و همیشه خواهد بود تحت مجوز ام آی تی. با جداکاری در گیت هاب برای بهتر کردن آن کمک کنید.

جداکاری در گیت هاب


از توسعه دهندگان فلاروم حمایت کنید.

به خاطر زمانی که جهت توسعه آن سپری می شود و هزینه سرور ها حمایت کنید تا ما بتوانیم ادامه بدهیم. هنوز راه زیادی را در پیش داریم.

حمایت کنید


فلاروم را خودتان بسازید.

اسناد پروسه کاری را مطالعه کنید تا نحوه ساخت پلاگین ها، قالب ها، و بسته های زبان را یاد بگیرید.

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